Here at Mary A. Beilman, DDS we are proud to offer crown lengthening for our patients.

Many people suffer from a condition that is often called “gummy mouth.” This means that their gums have grown up over their teeth so their teeth look smaller than they should!

For people who suffer from a “gummy mouth,” crown lengthening can really help. We actually reshape the extra gum and bone tissue that is covering your teeth so that your teeth are more visible. This can be done to just one or two teeth or your entire mouth!

Crown lengthening can also be done at the same time as other dental procedures. We not only reshape your gum and bone tissue but also repair any bad teeth that you may have due to decay or other damage.

If you have any questions about crown lengthening or would like to be seen, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (985) 893-5138.